Mexican Food

Popular Mexican Cuisines

Though chocolate is found and loved all around the world, the Mexican chocolate is special. It is made by using ground cocoa beans and adding flavour with cinnamon, almonds, and vanilla, that makes it more grainer as compared to other chocolates. For those more adventurous, may want to try out the regional specialty of Oaxaca . The chocolate roasted grasshoppers and mescal. If not, one should stick to the traditional dishes that are almost always exceptional and not too spicy. Mexican cuisine has some fantastic spicy dishes, but it is a good idea to take it easy for a couple of days, since an upset stomach is a common characteristic for those who are still unaccustomed to the new environment.

Some of the common foods one may encounter are Tortillas , Frijoles , Salsa , and Chilies . Starting from the top, tortillas have been the staple food for Mexicans; they can be made with flour or maize. Often served alongside a meal, they are also used in other dishes such as the Enchiladas, and Tacos. Frijoles are beans. They are a great source of proteins, and can be a main ingredient in a meal and may be served as garnish. As far as chilies are concerned the smaller the hotter. The bigger the milder. Apart from these, there is salsa that is a sauce usually made with red or green mix of tomatoes, onion, and chili. One may also be served tequila in form of margarita, which is a derivative from the maguey plant Mezcal too is a cruder form of tequila that is served with a worm in the bottle. Once the drink is finished the worm should be eaten. Cerveza which is a world famous Mexican beer is served cold.

Other typical dishes are caviche which is raw fish marinated in lime juce. Quesadillas which is tortillas stuffed with cheese, and grilled is usually served with beans. Mole sauce which is a unique combination of chocolate, chilies and many spices is often served over chicken, though turkey is more traditional. Another Yucatecan specialty that one may try is Poc Chuc, where pork fillet is cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices. Tacos too are tortillas fried until they are crispy. Tortas are Mexican sandwiches, often large rolls with generous fillings.