Mexico Demography


Mexico LocalsIn 1950, the total population of Mexico was approximately 25 million, with the figure reaching nearly 50 million in 1970. The preliminary results of the 2000 population census amounted to a total number of 97,361,711 Mexicans .These statistics demonstrate the rapid rate of demographic growth.

This was an important characteristic of Mexico during the second half of the twentieth century. The growth rate has slowed today and most of the population is still very young. The average life expectancy in 1999 was estimated to be sixty-nine years for men and a little over seventy-five years for women. In the late twentieth century, emigration to the United States (mainly of the illegal variety) became a significant phenomenon.

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Indian groups are still a large part of the Mexican population. Depending on the definition used, the total number of Indians varied from 6.7 million to 10 million in 1995. The most significant Indian groups are the Nahuas, Otomís, Mayas, Zapotecas, Mixtecos, Tzeltales, and Tzotziles.