Retiring in Mexico

Retiring in Mexico

Mexico is becoming an ever popular retirement option for Americans, Canadians and Britishers. The major reasons for this are its sunny climate, exotic beaches and rapidly developing infrastructure.  

While planning retirement in Mexico one of the major criteria is to live among expats like yourself or live among locals. Though many expats live in their community, one can find retirees living among the Mexicans and enjoying their culture.

Mexico is a big country and has many destinations which are perfect for retirees, especially for those from London. Mexico has a warm and tropical weather all year round which makes it perfect for those from colder countries.  If you are sun and sand lover then Mayan Riviera, Mazatlan and Acapulco are the best choices. These locations have many beachside towns and cities which have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The towns are quite developed with good road network and excellent healthcare facilities. To know which destination suits you, it is advised that you visit it Mexico at least few times to get to the place intimately. If you are visiting Mexico to scout for your retirement home and want something affordable you can stay in many of hostels available. Mexican hostels are very tastefully decorated and are as comfortable as any of the hostels in London.

If you want to spend your retired life in Mexico then you will have to decide between buying a property and renting it out. Mexico real estate market is very affordable at this point of time and makes sense. But if you are apprehensive you may first want to rent for some time to get to know the place and its culture.

Mexico has excellent medical care facilities which are quite affordable and accessible. The cost of living in Mexico is low which enables you to afford more luxuries.

Retiring in Mexico can be an exciting and life changing decision. All you need is a bit of adventurous streak, patience and willingness to embrace another culture.